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In Ayane, note value (duration) is free rather than constrained by rows. That simplifies terzina or other tuplets and allows more natural interpretation.
That being stated, rows are needed for the user interface (both display and input in non-record mode). The following concepts show how all of that fit together.


Note value

Duration, inferred by the UI in either mode (record or row-by-row), so you don’t have to care much.


That value determines how fast a clip is played but doesn’t influence instrument replay speed. The higher the faster. Each clip can use a distinct speed.
The default is 60, which is the clock resolution at 50Hz. That is, the underlying unit is 3000 Hz, so with a 50 Hz replay, each note is played at a 60 multiple of this unit. With a 100 Hz player, the resolution is 30 units.

Row value

This only influence the UI. The default is 360, which corresponds to ‘delay 6’ in Soundtrakker given speed is still 60.
Example: When entering a note at each row, their values will be set to the current row value (360). If you later change row value to say 180, those already entered notes will last the same and be displayed every other row.

Player frequency.

Frequency at which the player is invoked (one tick). All timing results from that. The default is 50 Hz.
At 100Hz, everything is twice faster.

Practical examples

Swing speed

Assume default setting (frequency = 50 Hz, speed = 60). A note value of 360 will last 6 frames, a note value of 300 will last 5 frames.
If you chain notes with value 330, their duration will alternate between 5 and 6 frames, a feat/beat than can only be achieved by alternating delay at each row in less capable trackers.

Higher instrument resolution

To have each step of the instruments lasts half the time while conserving overall song speed, double the player frequency and halve the speed.
Please note that as the resolution has increased, the swing behavior from the previous example will no longer occur (the notes will be played each 5 frames 1/2). To bring it back you’ll have to use a swing table.

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