Read and write arbitrary blocs of raw bytes or text at a time, with the same speed than DISC_IN_DIRECT / DISC_OUT_DIRECT.

Compatible CubeMDos / ImpDos.

Source overview:

As for each Orgams module, select the behavior via inRom flag:

inRom = 0   ; Run the automated unit tests (might fail if reference files are missing)
inRom = 1   ; Auto-install in ROM.

Public routines:

; de: dest
; bc: size
; Warning: do not mix this routine with DISC_IN_CHAR. Call me with BC = 1 instead.
; NB: this routine should be changed to take HL instead of DE.

; Read line until LF/NL (dos/unix compatible)
; de: dest   

; Warning: do not mix this routine with DISC_OUT_CHAR. Call me with BC = 1 instead.
; hl: source
; bc: size

; hl: Zero terminated string


See detailed interface in-source!
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