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Last release: Orgams-latest.dsk, (ROM files, thanks BeB!)

Demomakers's Delight 9 June 2019

Release notes.  Demomaker's delight. 9 June 2019

#### New features ####

--- General ---
 * Less intrusive (no breakpoint installed at ROM init, so &30 and &BE00 are untouched).

--- Assembler ----
 * MACROs 
 * New directive: SKIP n (aka DS n)
 * DEFB, DB aliases for BYTE
 * DEFW, DW aliases for WORD
 * DEFS, DS n,x aliases for FILL n,x
 * Max number of labels is now 1536 (instead of 768)

--- Editor -------
 * Raise source limit to ~111k
 * All keys enabled while editing fields
 * SHIFT-DEL erase all before cursor
 * SHIFT-CLR erase all from cursor
 * Use lowercase for opcodes
 * Lines number shaded
 * Checksums in .o files

--- Monitor ---
 * Graphical dump with gr command (then left/right/esc)
 * Plot with m command
 * Command history (cursor up/down)
 * Skip 00 filled areas in memory dump (m)
 * clear[n]: fill 128 first kb with n or 0 (alias: clr)
 * clearpage[n]: fill connected page (64kb) with n or 0 (alias:clp)
 * hh start,size: dump memory as bytes in the source
 * Finer navigation control
   * Dnn: disassemble at nn (change >)
   * $nn: set PC to nn and go to trace (change $)
   * Tnn: set PC to nn and go to trace at nn (change both)
 * Can assemble from monogams.

#### Bug fix ####

--- Assembler ----
 * Allow assembling in 00-3F
 * Correctly report label overflow (instead of Syntax Error with wrong line number)
 * ld (ix + 1),a  Now ok (can put spaces around +)

--- Editor -------
 * Opcodes no more seen as labels when entered without space
 * Conversely, do not expand valid labels
    * inca   -> inca   (stay as label)
    * but: lda,1  ->   ld a,1
 * Lines markers (history, assembler errors) properly updated after insertion/deletion.
 * CONTROL-* and CTRL-ENTER now pick the right label
 * TAB after CONTROL-* continues searching same label
 * Dump to Printer correctly output a new line
 * Block markers display
 * Cursor not lost anymore after reset while editing a field
 * No more incongruous error message when entering first line

--- Monitor ---
 * Won't corrupt source anymore.
 * Lower ROM now visible.

--- Trace ---
 * CPD/CPIR/CPDR now correctly emulated
 * IN A,(n) doesn't corrupt PC anymore
 * Source tracking improved

Orgams 'Codigo Con CPC' 11/08/2016


Release notes 'Codigo Con CPC'

Bug fix:
* Bloc repetition was corrupted when corresponding source was overlapping 2 banks
* Division with MSB set in divisor (e.g. &240/&C0) was corrupted
* Sign was lost with sub-expression (e.g. -1/[1/1] or -1 mod [4 mod 5])
* Negative values for FILL, ORG and repetitions raise error.
* Bad expression for repetitions (e.g. undefined label) raise error.
* Proper binary save from 9800-HIMEM zone
* Returning to basic won't reset 9800-HIMEM zone anymore
* 'ORG &100' now correctly parsed (not as 'OR G AND 100')
* Assembling in RSX workzone (e.g. A6FC+) won't corrupt firmware (Orgams-wise) anymore
* At first invocation of BRK/Monogams, select RAM by default (lower & upper)
* Robuster memory detection
* Fix stack going down at each assemble / editor access.
* Numeric pad is active when invoking |m
* Block markers properly corrected when importing file
* LD B,(IX) doesn't crash anymore
* LD H,IXH doesn't crash anymore
* Miscellaneous search bugs (CONTROL F) corrected.

New features:
* Trace: Source visualization while debugging (imperfect, Orgams can be lost with conditional or repeated blocs)
* Trace: Memory visualization while debugging
* Trace: CONTROL UP/DOWN for faster navigation
* Monitor: Binary display with '?' command
* Monitor: Display restored zone when returning to BASIC
* Assembler: Can assemble up to #BF80, and in #C000-#FFFF page
* Editor: Free cursor
* Editor: TAB to repeat previous search (text or label)
* Editor: ESC to stop current search (only works with CONTROL F)
* Editor: CONTROL-ESPACE put/remove BRK
* Editor: CONTROL-C to display CATalogue
* Editor: Can join lines (DEL at first column). Corollary : 'DEL' after 'RETURN' cancels an unexpected split
* Editor: Use '&' for hexa, like in BASIC and MAXAM.
* Editor: Allow (IX) as shortcut for (IX+0)
* General: Use RAM from very last bank (&FF) to alleviate conflict with 256k RAM-DISC.
* General: Extension and Monogams ROMs can be burned everywhere (i.e. ROM 1 to 127)
* General: Allow |o,"source" (no need to write ".o")

Comming Next:
* Surprise
* Another surprise

Orgams 'Bugs Bunny Hill' 28/02/2015

[Teaser! Coming next : case insensitive labels, better Maxam import, scriptable assemblage, freed cursor]

Release notes

* No more crash with 'BASIC' command, even after source (re)init (CTRL-N)
* No more crash with CTRL-1 + J
* No more crash with repeated erroneous line, e.g. 8 ** [ LD (HL),#100 + #:INC L ] ;
* No more crash with unpaired ']' in source.
* No more crash with RES robert,(iy+6) when 'robert' is not defined.
* No more crash with IM 3
* Fix DEL behavior when entering filename, search text, etc.
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