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Cette page sert de zone d'échanges entre nos programmes en cours de développement.


  • Display CWD (Current working dir) in status bar (CubeMDos).
  • Todo #5b (MFII to Trace).
  • 31 Jan 2021: IMPORT directive.

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Download last working FF orgams-210121-FF-alpha2.dsk

Download release candidate EE orgams-210111-EE-RC2.dsk


Change since FF alpha1.

#### New features ####

--- Editor ---

 * Display current tab number (f1..f9).

#### Bug fix ####

--- Editor ---

  * #10f':  CONTROL-* will cycle through local labels as well (instead of triggering a BRK!).
  * #10f':  CONTROL-ENTER will go to **a** local label (instead of doing nothing).
           That might not be the right one though (bug #10f).


Change since EE RC2.

#### New features ####

--- Editor ---

 * Display free memory.

--- Assembler ---

 * Local labels (in macro, repetitions blocs, or after regular labels). See doc.
  * Warning! In editor, CONTROL-ENTER with local labels might go to the wrong instance. Bug #10f.

--- Monogams ---

 * type"filename" command to print a text file. Super fast but quite rough:
    + #110 Type command doesn't handle line bigger than 80 charaters.
    + #111 Type command doesn't stop if no EOF (aka &1a) 
You must press ESC/Q.
    + #112 Type command requires both quotes.

#### Regressions ####

--- Assembler ---

 * Maximum level of nested scope goes to ~8 (rather than ~20). 
    Happen with recursive MACROs (e.g. it makes one GCD exemple fail). 
    Tell me if that bothers you.

#### Bug fix ####

 * z80 v1.0.5: Fix timing of 'loop with cpi' tip.

Changes since last release (Demomakers Delight).

#### New features ####

--- General ---

 * Multi-sources.
    - In the editor, use CONTROL-f1 to CONTROL-f9 to open isolated "tabs".
    - In each tab, you can load a distinct source.
    - Warning, if you load a same source in different tabs, make sure you know what you are doing. There isn't automatic synchronisation.
 * Comes with Z80 instruction set timing & advanced flag behavior (Z80.o).
 * Comes with |BURN (for X-MEM WinBond)
 * Versioned ROMs (mainly for me, to be able to have 2 distincts Orgams version in ROM). 
   Also, prevent messy state if you burn a new version in different slots.

 * Power user mode (quite unnecessary now with multi source):
   Custom base bank: |org,bk (eg &ef, &e7, &df, &e7 ...)
    -> Each would be a separate instance. 
    That's a temporary poor-man solution to handle several files
    or do some side tests.
    Warning, no overlap verification is made. Using 128k per
    instance (that is, &cf, &df, &ef and the default &ff) would be safe.
    You should always save sensitive work, but at last you can
    save loadings.
    Now, if one of this non-default page is corrupted, |ORGAMS won't help you.
    Instead, clear the page via Monogams (default instance via |M):
    >b&da      (or &df)
    >clearpage   (or clp) 

--- Editor ---
 * Deluxe status board. 
   - Soon to welcome new information.
 * CONTROL-% Cycle through IF/THEN/ELSE, MACRO/ENDM and repetition blocks.
 • CONTROL-ENTER works in comments (most of the time! bug #F4).
 * COPY-G twice to go to *end* of bloc.
 * SHIFT-CLR and SHIFT-DEL work when editing fields (filename etc).
 • Comments are shaded.
 * "repeat n" and "rend" from rasm are supported (but *not* "repeat n,cnt")

--- Assembler ---
 * New directive: LOAD"file.bin"
   * load"her" ; insert raw bytes at current pos ($$). 
     * Warning! Doesn't work with headerless/ascii files.
     * Warning! Doesn't work with incomplete headers generated by some PC tools (your fault).

--- Monogams ---
 * Dedicated status bar
 * RSXs without parameters are accepted. [[[todos#ca]]]
 * Can select non-X-MEM banks. E.g. b&7cc4 for CPC's internal RAM, b&7eff for RAM outside first 512k.
 * SHIFT-CLR and SHIFT-DEL work.
 * CTRL-LEFT / RIGHT for graphical dump (gr).

--- Trace ---
 * CTRL-ESC working even from DUMP mode.
 * Don't display blank lines, for improved source coverage.
 * Show call stack (navigate with U/D). E.g., for the code:
   call aa
aa call bb
bb BRK

It will display:
   ?    <- Nevermind

#### Change ####

--- General ---
 * No more display message for BRICBRAC.ROM (|BURN).

--- Monogams ---
 * Use default screen dimensions.

#### Bug Fix ####

--- General ---
 * |burn,"file" : handle headerless files.

--- Editor ---
 • Markers correction corrected (#E3, #E4)
 * Label search (CTRL L, *, ENTER) much faster.
 * Stored line (CONTROL-DEL) still present for new source (todo #D0)
 * Line per line scrolling speed fixed (x1.4 from Demomaker's Delight).
 * COPY now really acts a dead key.
 * Shortcuts ok for EN / ES keyboard (CONTROL-; rather than CONTROL-%)

--- Trace ----
 * BRK: Exact capture of RMR (+ ROM #) when firmware is used.  (#105a)
 * BRK + Multiface 2: Exact capture of MMR (at least all 7Fxx connections. 7Cxx to 7Exx not handled). (#106)
 • Trace visu lost less often (#C0)
 • Fix clipping (#E0)

#### Regression ####

--- General ---
 • Requires 4 ROMs instead of 3.

--- Editor ---
 * Slower to compute number of lines (post loading).
 * Page navigation (Control up/down) is 30% slower.

--- Monogams ---
 • Slightly slower (access, display, clear, skip zeros in memory dump).

--- Trace ---
 * Slower display / navigation.


Change since RC1.

z80 v1.0.4: Fix cpir/cpdr timing. (again?)
z80tests 1.3: Add tests timing RET CC, CPI, CPIR.
             Robuster test bit_. 
             Fix some comments.
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